The videogame image as a time reference

Printing series, 2008-2010.

Time travelling through videogame pictures printed in a traditional way. Digital images distorted with handmade and analog procedures, stains and misalignments in pixel perfect environments and paper instead of computer screens are the details which help to investigate a conceptual time travelling back and forward.

Old computer videogames are a window to the past. Geometric shapes, limited colours and low details are far away from the realistic and high definition images generated by computers nowadays. The technology related to IT has evolved very much in a very short period of time. But back in the 70s, computer video games were a window for the future, something never seen, a symbol of the great, but still primitive, technology of that time.

According to this, these works are a conceptual time travel to the future or to the past, depending from when are they observed. Traditional printmaking techniques, like woodcut, etching, serigraph and litograph encourage an ancient character of the pictures, making them to look like they were yielded centuries ago, not only decades, making one more travel through time.
May 4th and 5th

24 photographs taken in one hour interval, mounted in the same media, 2007.
Time capsule

Handcrafted stainless steel can, 2006.

A can full of texts and pictures related to the artistic career of the author at that moment, in order to become a time capsule being buried in a field in his hometown. Text says "Open after 2007" as an instruction for those who might find it in the future.
Copyright series

'One thousand pages'. 1000 blank paper pieces locked with a chain, 2005.
Untitled. Text on canvas, 2005. Text says "The content of this artwork is owned exclusively by his author".

A series of two works related to the high level of abuse that copyright laws are becoming.